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ZCD Transportation v State Farm

Taking Auto No-Fault Down the Wrong Road? The Michigan Court of Appeals’ decision in ZCD Transportation v State Farm may be a sign that Michigan’s auto no-fault insurance system is headed down the wrong road. In this case, the Court of Appeals concluded that the transportation services rendered for an injured person’s personal, non-medical transportation needs […]

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George Sinas Argues Important No-Fault Case at the Michigan Supreme Court

On Wednesday, November 14, 2012, George Sinas argued the case of Admire v Auto-Owners Insurance Company, a case that has enormous implications for catastrophically injured motor vehicle accident victims entitled to claim no-fault benefits. Our client, Kenneth Admire, was paralyzed as a result of a 1988 motor vehicle accident. As a result of his paralysis, […]

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Hiding the Truth About Auto No-Fault

As the auto no-fault debate rages on in Lansing, HB 4936 heads for the floor of the Michigan House of Representatives for a vote. If it passes there, it will then go over to the Michigan Senate where its fate will ultimately be determined. The major feature of this Bill is that it eliminates the […]

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The Auto No-Fault Bill: A Disaster For Michigan’s Economy

The great debate currently taking place in Lansing regarding the future of the Michigan auto no-fault insurance law has primarily focused on the specific legal changes that this law will enact. For example, the elimination of lifetime full medical coverage; the significant limitation of in-home attendant care for homebound patients; the drastic limitation in medical […]

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The Auto No-Fault Bill: Just Say “No” to Reduced Health Care Coverage

The battle currently raging over Michigan’s auto no-fault insurance system is really a microcosm of a bigger battle that is being waged on a national level—should citizens allow their politicians to reduce lifetime medical care coverages? We saw this issue surface last summer during the national debt ceiling debate when many politicians refused to approve […]

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