Michigan Motorcycle Helmet Law Faces Renewed Opposition

motorcycle helmetJohn Barnes of MLive reported recently that the Michigan Motorcycle Helmet law giving motorcyclists a choice regarding whether or not to wear a bike helmet is receiving renewed pressure from opposition groups consisting of medical associations, law enforcement groups, and insurance companies.

The law, which went into effect in Michigan on April 13, 2012, permits — under certain circumstances — motorcycle operators and passengers to ride motorcycles without wearing crash helmets.  (For a breakdown of exactly which individuals may choose to ride without a helmet, please visit our No-Fault Literature page and view the publication titled The New Motorcycle Helmet Law: Know the Rules by George T. Sinas.)

According to MLive, opponents of the current law point to a study published by the University of Michigan that states that helmets would have prevented 26 deaths and 49 serious injuries since the Michigan Motorcycle Helmet Law has been in effect.

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