Concerned about SB 248 and No-Fault Reform? Learn how you can contact your representatives.

The no-fault reform debate in Michigan is in its critical juncture – learn how to make your voice heard

The debate over Michigan SB 248, legislation that would drastically reform our state’s current auto no-fault insurance system, continues. By now, you have probably heard lansing-michigan-capitol-buildingfrom a number of interested parties about the best way reform needs to happen (if at all), and how you may be affected. We have covered SB 248 and other no-fault reform issues on our blog – feel free to read those posts to get a better understanding of what precisely is at stake with this legislation.

We have received a few questions over the past couple of weeks inquiring as to the best person(s) to contact to discuss SB 248. Quite simply, contacting your individual Representative and/or Senator will be the best way to convey the importance of this issue for you, your loved ones, and friends. If you have been particularly affected by the Michigan no-fault law, it is absolutely imperative that you share your story. The reality is that many people, including lawmakers and members of the general public, simply do not understand the magnitude and scope of what is covered by no-fault; it is only when they themselves, or a close friend or family member, are involved in a car accident and have sustained injury, especially if it’s a severe, traumatic injury, that they truly understand how fortunate we are.

The House of Representatives has a website that allows you to search for your representative if you are not sure who it is. There, you may search by district number or by your address. Once you determine who your representative is, consider either giving their office a call or crafting a letter. If you’re unsure of what to say, the Coalition Protecting Auto No-Fault (CPAN) has provided guidance via its Legislative Action Center. On that page, you will find a pre-drafted message that will give you an idea of where to start. Tailoring your message to include your personal experience with the benefits the no-fault system has to offer, as well as your thoughts on the proposed changes within Michigan SB 248, will make your letter more powerful and impactful.

Thousands of letters and emails have been sent to Michigan representatives about no-fault reform bill SB 248 within the past couple of weeks. These have had an immense impact on the situation, as some lawmakers now believe that any changes made to the no-fault system cannot be done hastily, but rather must be done carefully and thoughtfully. It would be a disservice to the people of Michigan to do otherwise.

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