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In 2019, the Michigan Legislature passed major changes to the Michigan Auto No-Fault Insurance Law. The law is now more complicated and confusing than ever. The law is no longer focused on providing people with lifetime auto medical expense coverage for their care, recovery, or rehabilitation. Many people injured in auto accidents will now have limited no-fault medical expense coverage or none at all. Medical providers will be forced to accept drastically reduced payments for auto accident medical care, and the Michigan Department of Insurance and Financial Services has been given the power to work with insurance companies to regulate people’s auto accident medical care. is an open-access academic site provided by Sinas Dramis Law Firm to help further educate everyone about all that is going on in this new and concerning frontier in the Michigan Auto No-Fault Insurance Law. Please share this site with your colleagues. We welcome your feedback. Please email us at Please also stay updated by following us on social media.

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Quarterly Case Summary Reports

The quarterly case summary reports provide an overview and statistical breakdown of the notable cases and developments.

Each report shows a chronological anthology of Michigan’s case summaries over a specified three-month time frame and allows people to easily understand and track the Michigan no-fault appellate cases that have been decided.

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This informational site is brought to you by Sinas Dramis Law Firm, which has a forty year history of covering the Michigan Auto No-Fault Law. Learn more about our firm and our longstanding commitment to understanding this law to better represent our clients and educate the public.

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