Michigan Auto No-Fault Law

Michigan No-Fault Law

Supreme Court
Auto No-Fault Law Intro

The basic concept of Michigan auto no-fault law is to guarantee payment of certain insurance benefits to all victims of motor vehicle accidents, no matter who was at fault.  → Learn more about Michigan No Fault Law

Medical Expenses
No-Fault PIP Benefits

When a person is injured in an auto accident, he or she may be entitled to collect certain benefits under the Michigan no-fault law. → Learn more about Michigan PIP Benefits

Insurance Claim Form
How to Make a PIP Claim

To obtain no-fault PIP benefits, the injured person must file a claim and notify his or her insurance company of both the circumstances surrounding the accident and the type of injuries sustained. → Learn more about Michigan PIP Claims


Auto accidents in Michigan or involving Michigan residents are governed by the state’s auto no-fault law. The Michigan auto accident attorneys at the Sinas Dramis Law Firm have a special knowledge and understanding of no-fault law and use their expertise to help protect the important rights and benefits available to car accident victims.

If you have suffered a car accident injury, or if you’re a Michigan resident who was in an auto accident elsewhere, contact our experienced auto accident lawyers in Lansing or Grand Rapids for a free consultation.