Can A Car Keep You Safer By Parallel Parking Itself?

parallel parked vehicleMany drivers dread parallel parking — and, unfortunately, a lot of fender benders happen during the parallel parking process.

But vehicles nowadays come with safety features that can help guide drivers into parallel parking spaces.

One of these safety features is called “automatic parallel parking.” This technology helps steer a vehicle into a selected parallel parking space. Keep in mind, however, that the driver remains responsible for the braking, as the car positions itself into the parallel parking spot.

Another safety feature on vehicles is “parking sensors.” These sensors let the driver know the position of objects around the vehicle, during the parallel parking process.

For both automatic parallel parking and parking sensors, drivers must remain aware of their surroundings while they parallel park the car.

Still unsure how these safety features actually assist drivers and make the parallel parking process safer? Here’s a video from that shows how parallel parking and parking sensors work.