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Pedestrian Deaths

Pedestrian Deaths Are Surging At An Alarming Rate

Remember when your mother told you to be careful crossing the street? This advice rings true now more than ever, in light of a new federal report that says pedestrian deaths are increasing nationwide at a startling rate. According to the Governors Highway Safety Administration (GHSA), nearly 2,400 pedestrians were killed in the United States during


Teen Driver Safety Week

National Teen Driver Safety Week is October 15-21, 2017.  While parents should continually remind their teenagers about safe driving habits, National Teen Driver Safety Week is an excellent opportunity to discuss safe driving practices and ways to limit driving distractions with your teen. Learning how to drive is a rite


Does a Smart Truck Equal a Safe Truck?

Does the emphasis placed on making semi-trucks connected and more technologically advanced lose focus on the importance of making trucks and truck driving safe for motorists? Fleet Owner recently published an article titled “Path to autonomous trucks will be a smooth road for drivers” – it was an interesting read.


Car Hacking: Is there really cause for concern?

The Jeep vehicle hacking incident – and subsequent recall of Fiat Chrysler automobiles – should give us pause. The auto industry, privacy advocates, and the general public were taken by storm when a Wired magazine article was published recounting what many would consider a nightmare situation: having a Jeep (or


Car Accident or Car Crash? #crashnotaccident movement gaining traction.

Continuous efforts to change the way we talk about auto collisions has led to #crashnotaccident Have you heard about the #crashnotaccident campaign? It involves a concerted effort to shift the terminology used to describe collisions involving motor vehicles, semi-trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, and pedestrians. For the longest time, these incidents have


Driverless Car Testing Campus to Open in Ann Arbor

MCity in Ann Arbor will be the site for automated motor vehicle testing in Michigan On July 20, 2015 the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor will be opening its test site for driverless cars, “MCity,” on its North Campus Research Center. Years in the making, MCity in Ann Arbor


Adding a Teenage Driver to Your Auto Insurance Policy

In Michigan, adding a teen driver to your auto no-fault policy might not cost you as much as it would in other states A number of costs are associated with having a teenage driver in your household. Once they have their license, they need a vehicle to drive (be it

Michigan HB 5951: Does it go far enough in regulating Uber?

HB 5951 would impose state-wide regulation of ride-sharing companies such as Uber, but there are questions about whether it’s enough Discussions about Uber have picked up once again, not just because of all of the negative press as of late, but due to House Bill 5951. It was introduced on