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Auto Accident Safety


In A Parking Lot Car Accident? Here’s What You Need To Know

Retail stores and shopping malls are busier than ever this time of year. The barrage of holiday shoppers also brings with it impatient drivers and congested parking lots, which means you have a greater chance of being in a parking lot car accident. In fact, one in five auto accidents happens in a parking lot.


Michigan Dangerous Roads: I-496 & US-127 Accidents In Lansing

Drivers Need More Patience, Less Confusion & Fewer Distractions I-496 and US-127 accidents in Lansing are a common occurrence. Every week, we see or hear about at least one car crash along this three-mile stretch of highway near downtown Lansing. This is one reason why the I-496 and US-127 corridor


Michigan Automobile Snow Removal Laws: What Must Drivers Do?

If you live in Michigan, wintry weather and snow are a part of life. Not only are residents required to keep their sidewalks and mailboxes free of snow and ice buildup, but drivers are also required to follow Michigan automobile snow removal laws. Do Michigan automobile snow removal laws require


Michigan Winter Driving Tips

Driving in wintry conditions can be extremely challenging. Unfortunately, with Michigan winter driving comes car accidents, including roadway slide-offs and unavoidable collisions. Here are some winter driving tips from our Michigan auto accident attorneys, to help keep you safe as you venture out on the roadways. 1. Be sure your


Child Passenger Safety: Car Seat Laws In Michigan

Car crashes are a leading cause of death for children ages 1 to 13. In fact, more than 70 percent of child car seats are improperly installed, leaving our youngest passengers with little protection in a Michigan auto accident. Many child passenger deaths and car accident injuries in Michigan can

2015 Nationwide Traffic Deaths Are Highest In Four Years

Traffic deaths across the nation jumped 7.7 percent in 2015 to 35,200 — the highest number of traffic deaths since 2008 and the first increase since 2012, according to a July 1 report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Notably, the NHTSA report also revealed a 13 percent surge

pedestrians get no-fault benefits

Motorists: Watch Out For More Cyclists & Pedestrians During Summer

Summer is here … and that means warm Michigan days and nights. It also means more pedestrians and cyclists on the roadways. With that in mind, the Michigan Secretary of State’s Office is reminding motorists — especially teenage drivers — that they need to take extra precaution when encountering vulnerable

When Two Words Collide: Car “Crash” Or Car “Accident”?

Words, and how they’re used, are important. The more we use words or phrases in certain ways, the more we become accustomed to that usage, making it seem “normal.” In cases of collisions involving motor vehicles, the phrase “car accident” or “traffic accident” has typically been used. For decades, we

Michigan Traffic Accident Deaths Spiked In 2015

On the heels of a downward trend in recent years, Michigan traffic accident deaths jumped 10 percent in 2015 — with a whopping 57 percent spike in fatalities involving bicyclists. In 2015, there were 963 traffic-accident deaths on the state’s roadways, up from 876 in 2014, according to new information