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Auto Accident Safety

Turn On The Car Radio … And Turn Up The Danger

We all listen to the car radio while driving. Sometimes we sing along to our favorite tune or take in the news of the day. But a recent study reveals that listening to the radio while driving is a bigger distraction than originally thought, and may lead to more auto accidents.  The study focused on

Pedestrian Deaths

Pedestrian Deaths Are Surging At An Alarming Rate

Remember when your mother told you to be careful crossing the street? This advice rings true now more than ever, in light of a new federal report that says pedestrian deaths are increasing nationwide at a startling rate. According to the Governors Highway Safety Administration (GHSA), nearly 2,400 pedestrians were killed in the United States during


Recent Pedestrian Accidents Should Give Us Pause

With the recent local pedestrian accidents and hit-and-runs, here are a few tips to keep in mind whether you walk or drive. In the past week, there have unfortunately been a number of local pedestrian accidents in the Mid-Michigan area – a number of them have even been hit-and-run incidents,

Amazon Flex: The Future Of Deliveries?

Amazon Flex hires individuals to deliver goods purchased from its Prime Now program. But what happens if a driver is injured in an auto accident? The Amazon Flex program lets individuals deliver goods that customers order via Amazon’s Prime Now program. According to the company’s website, the Amazon delivery program

First Responders & Michigan No-Fault Law

We’re all deeply moved when a first responder is injured or killed in the line of duty. When tragic events like this happen, we need to remember that first responders injured in auto accidents have the same rights as ordinary citizens. In other words, first responders are entitled to Michigan


When Bad Drivers Cause Semi-Truck Collisions

Semi-Truck Accident Cases and the “Negligent Entrustment” Doctrine The New York Times published a powerful op-ed piece about death caused by semi-truck accidents. The piece titled, “The Trucks are Killing Us,” described the increase in semi-truck collisions in recent years. According to the article, “The death toll in truck-involved crashes


Does a Smart Truck Equal a Safe Truck?

Does the emphasis placed on making semi-trucks connected and more technologically advanced lose focus on the importance of making trucks and truck driving safe for motorists? Fleet Owner recently published an article titled “Path to autonomous trucks will be a smooth road for drivers” – it was an interesting read.