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Michigan Court of Appeals


Michigan Supreme Court Affirms Mind-Body Connection

Holding that personal injury claims may also include emotional and psychological damages means is also significant in the Michigan no-fault context. Find out why. With summer almost here, the holidays seem like a long time ago;  but late last December, while most of us were buying presents, the Michigan Supreme

Are Stepchildren covered under a Stepparent’s No-Fault Policy?

Stepparents and stepchildren are related by marriage, even after the child’s biological parent dies – as a result, a stepchild is entitled to no-fault coverage Most of us wouldn’t question the familial ties that are created between stepparents and their stepchildren. But, what happens when a child’s biological parent (who

Big Victory for Auto No-Fault Medical Providers

Wyoming Chiropractic v Auto-Owners reaffirms a medical providers’ right to file lawsuits directly against auto insurance companies that fail to pay for services rendered By: George T. Sinas On December 9, 2014, the Michigan Court of Appeals issued an important unanimous, published Opinion which reaffirms the right of medical providers who

Will The MCCA Ratemaking Process Remain Secret?

Lansing no-fault attorney believes Michigan residents have the right to know the MCCA ratemaking determination In September 2014, Lansing auto accident attorney George Sinas, general counsel to the Coalition Protecting Auto No-Fault (CPAN), appeared on WJR’s The Frank Beckmann Show. George was joined by Jay Angoff, a former Missouri Insurance Commissioner

Are Parallel Parking Spaces Designed for Vehicular Travel?

Last month, the Michigan Supreme Court heard oral argument in Yono v Department of Transportation concerning this very issue. Plaintiff had suffered injury while walking back to her car, which was parallel parked along M-22 in Suttons Bay, Michigan.  Plaintiff filed suit against the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT), alleging

Pre-existing Injuries and No-Fault Coverage

As we all know, car accidents can be life-altering. These collisions can cause new injuries or even make old injuries much worse. Michigan residents are fortunate because our auto no-fault insurance system is designed to cover situations where one might face such instances. In other words, medical treatment for both

Michigan No-Fault PIP Coverage and the Concept of Domicile, Take Two

We’ve previously discussed the general significance of determining an individual’s domicile, or where they reside, for the purpose of establishing Michigan no-fault PIP coverage availability under Michigan’s auto no-fault scheme. However, this analysis also intersects with the family law realm. What happens if a minor whose parents are divorced is

A Cautionary Tale about Auto No-Fault Benefits

Michigan car accident victims and their medical providers should be aware of Guardian Angel Healthcare v Progressive Insurance, a recent Michigan Court of Appeals decision concerning auto no-fault benefits.  In Guardian, the auto accident victim settled his claim for no-fault benefits with his no-fault insurer, Progressive Insurance.  Progressive and the