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Lansing, Michigan


Michigan Winter Driving Tips

Driving in wintry conditions can be extremely challenging. Unfortunately, with Michigan winter driving comes car accidents, including roadway slide-offs and unavoidable collisions. Here are some winter driving tips from our Michigan auto accident attorneys, to help keep you safe as you venture out on the roadways. 1. Be sure your


Child Passenger Safety: Car Seat Laws In Michigan

Car crashes are a leading cause of death for children ages 1 to 13. In fact, more than 70 percent of child car seats are improperly installed, leaving our youngest passengers with little protection in a Michigan auto accident. Many child passenger deaths and car accident injuries in Michigan can


Recent Pedestrian Accidents Should Give Us Pause

With the recent local pedestrian accidents and hit-and-runs, here are a few tips to keep in mind whether you walk or drive. In the past week, there have unfortunately been a number of local pedestrian accidents in the Mid-Michigan area – a number of them have even been hit-and-run incidents,

Amazon Flex: The Future Of Deliveries?

Amazon Flex hires individuals to deliver goods purchased from its Prime Now program. But what happens if a driver is injured in an auto accident? The Amazon Flex program lets individuals deliver goods that customers order via Amazon’s Prime Now program. According to the company’s website, the Amazon delivery program

Sinas Dramis Attorneys Provide Testimony on SB 248

Steve Sinas and Tom Sinas testified before the House Insurance Committee regarding SB 248 The legislative battle surrounding SB 248, the latest attempt to “reform” Michigan no-fault law, continues, and our Michigan no-fault attorneys have continued to educate not only the general public, but our also lawmakers, about the detrimental effects this