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No-Fault Benefits

Detroit Wants to Know with Steve Hood

Would D-Insurance Solve Detroit’s Auto Insurance Crisis?

Michigan no-fault attorney Steve Sinas discussed consequences of D-Insurance plan on “Detroit Wants 2 Know.” Mayor Mike Duggan’s D-Insurance plan, an auto insurance system exclusively for Detroit residents, has yet to be approved by the Michigan Legislature (in the form of SB 288). While we have provided an overview of

First Responders & Michigan No-Fault Law

We’re all deeply moved when a first responder is injured or killed in the line of duty. When tragic events like this happen, we need to remember that first responders injured in auto accidents have the same rights as ordinary citizens. In other words, first responders are entitled to Michigan


No-Fault Update: Changes to Work Loss Benefits

The maximum monthly work loss benefit will increase as of October 2015. Update: the maximum monthly work loss benefit is now $5,718 (October 1, 2019 – September 30, 2020). The Michigan Department of Insurance and Financial Services recently issued a bulletin updating the maximum work loss benefit payment available under


US Supreme Court’s Gay Marriage Decision Affects Michigan Auto Law

Today’s same-sex marriage decision extends a number of benefits to gay couples under Michigan no-fault law. As you have probably heard, the United States Supreme Court issued its landmark decision of Obergefell v Hodges this morning, holding that the U.S. Constitution guarantees same-sex couples the right to marry. Obviously, this


D-Insurance Update: A Closer Look at Michigan SB 288 (S-3)

Michigan SB 288 (S-3), in its current form, would provide second-class auto insurance to those who cannot otherwise afford traditional no-fault insurance policies. In an effort to address the problem of excessively high auto insurance rates in Detroit, SB 288 was recently introduced by Senator Virgil Smith. The Senate Insurance


Is D-Insurance One Step Closer to Becoming Reality?

The Detroit auto insurance plan, “D-Insurance,” was voted out of the Senate Insurance Committee earlier this week Mayor Duggan’s Detroit auto insurance plan, coined “D-Insurance,” may be a step closer to becoming an option for those in the city who face high auto insurance costs. Michigan Senate Bill 288, as passed