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Auto No-Fault Insurance

A Cautionary Tale about Auto No-Fault Benefits

Michigan car accident victims and their medical providers should be aware of Guardian Angel Healthcare v Progressive Insurance, a recent Michigan Court of Appeals decision concerning auto no-fault benefits.  In Guardian, the auto accident victim settled his claim for no-fault benefits with his no-fault insurer, Progressive Insurance.  Progressive and the

Determining No-Fault coverage can be complex, as seen in Tienda

A factor in determining who is entitled to auto no-fault coverage is where an insured party is domiciled (where they reside). This no-fault coverage determination can be complicated if it is unclear where the insured resides – whether they are a Michigan resident or a resident of another state.  A

The New Auto No-Fault Reform Bill (HB 4612)

The New Auto No-Fault Reform Bill (HB 4612) Significantly Limits the Rights and Benefits of Catastrophically Injured Michigan Auto Accident Victims By: George T. Sinas On April 23, 2013, the new Auto No-Fault Reform Bill HB 4612 was introduced in the Michigan House of Representatives. The Bill imposes unprecedented dollar cap

Injuries Related to an Auto Accident are Hard to Predict

The Michigan No-Fault Automobile Insurance Act has been in effect since 1973. It is without a doubt the most expansive system in the nation, providing life-time medical benefits for those injured in auto accidents.  In other words, an accident victim who is injured will, for the rest of his or

Landmark Auto No-Fault Decision Released: MCCA Subject to FOIA

by George T. Sinas, CPAN Legal Counsel As CPAN’s General Counsel, I am pleased to report that on December 26, 2012, the Ingham County Circuit Court issued one of the most significant auto no-fault insurance decisions in years.  In the case of  Coalition Protecting Auto No-Fault (CPAN) and Brain Injury

ZCD Transportation v State Farm

Taking Auto No-Fault Down the Wrong Road? The Michigan Court of Appeals’ decision in ZCD Transportation v State Farm may be a sign that Michigan’s auto no-fault insurance system is headed down the wrong road. In this case, the Court of Appeals concluded that the transportation services rendered for an injured