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Auto No-Fault Reform


High Auto Insurance Rates in Michigan and How They’re Set

Everyone is talking about the high auto insurance rates in Michigan. In fact, we pay some of the highest premium prices in the country. What few people know and understand are the factors that go into setting those rates and why. Grand Rapids auto accident attorney, Tom Sinas, explained Michigan’s

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Michigan Auto No-Fault Insurance Reform – A 6 Month Recap

A lot has happened in the Michigan auto no-fault insurance debate since we last wrote about it. For drivers in the state, this debate, and any potential reform to its current laws, affects all of us. As a law firm representing the seriously injured in auto, semi-truck, and motorcycle accidents


ALERT: House Bill 5013 Defeated!

After hours of discussion, House Bill 5013 was defeated in the Michigan House of Representatives by a 63-45 vote on Thursday night, November 2, 2017. If passed, the proposal would have shattered Michigan no-fault insurance as we currently know it. For the past few months, House Bill 5013 has been


Michigan No-Fault Reform Must Be Fair And Affordable

The Fair and Affordable No-Fault Reform Package — House Bills 5101-5111 — has been formally introduced in the state Legislature. The measure offers long-lasting Michigan no-fault reform. The Fair and Affordable No-Fault Reform Package is among the most comprehensive Michigan no-fault reform measures to be introduced in the past decade.


House Bill 5013: The End Of No-Fault As We Know It

Editor’s Note: House Bill 5013 failed to pass the Michigan House of Representatives on November 2, 2017, by a 45-63 vote. As part of the ongoing no-fault reform efforts in Lansing, House Bill 5013 was introduced in the Michigan Legislature on September 26, 2017. The no-fault reform proposal has primarily


Michigan Needs “Fair And Affordable” No-Fault Reform — Not Coverage Caps

News From The Coalition Protecting Auto No-Fault (CPAN) Lansing, MI — A bipartisan group of state lawmakers recently announced a comprehensive no-fault reform package aimed at improving Michigan’s auto insurance system. The legislation, called the “Fair and Affordable No-Fault Reform Package,” will soon be introduced in the state Legislature. “Fair


Stephen Sinas Talks No-Fault On Lansing-Area Television Program

Lansing auto accident attorney Stephen Sinas discussed the current state of Michigan’s no-fault insurance system on the August 10, 2017, edition of “Open Line,” a live television call-in program. Stephen is a leading authority on Michigan no-fault law. He also serves as legal counsel for the Coalition Protecting Auto No-Fault

Detroit Wants to Know with Steve Hood

Would D-Insurance Solve Detroit’s Auto Insurance Crisis?

Michigan no-fault attorney Steve Sinas discussed consequences of D-Insurance plan on “Detroit Wants 2 Know.” Mayor Mike Duggan’s D-Insurance plan, an auto insurance system exclusively for Detroit residents, has yet to be approved by the Michigan Legislature (in the form of SB 288). While we have provided an overview of


State Of Michigan: Insurance Sliding Will Not Be Tolerated

“Insurance sliding” shows exactly why discussions about fraud must also include illegal insurance industry practices. Insurance sliding is a deceptive and predatory tactic that’s practiced by insurance agents to the detriment of their clients. According to the State of Michigan’s Department of Insurance and Financial Services, sliding is: “an agent’s