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Michigan Winter Driving Tips

Driving in wintry conditions can be extremely challenging. Unfortunately, with Michigan winter driving comes car accidents, including roadway slide-offs and unavoidable collisions. Here are some winter driving tips from our Michigan auto accident attorneys, to help keep you safe as you venture out on the roadways. 1. Be sure your


Child Passenger Safety: Car Seat Laws In Michigan

Car crashes are a leading cause of death for children ages 1 to 13. In fact, more than 70 percent of child car seats are improperly installed, leaving our youngest passengers with little protection in a Michigan auto accident. Many child passenger deaths and car accident injuries in Michigan can

Both Motorists and Insurance Companies Must Be Mindful of Policy Language

A named-driver exclusion resulted in an insurance company’s inability to recoup the damages it paid. In Frankenmuth Ins Co v Poll, the rather straightforward Michigan Court of Appeals opinion originating from a case out of Kent County Circuit Court, plaintiff insurance company attempted to negate the application of named-driver exclusion within

Amazon Flex: The Future Of Deliveries?

Amazon Flex hires individuals to deliver goods purchased from its Prime Now program. But what happens if a driver is injured in an auto accident? The Amazon Flex program lets individuals deliver goods that customers order via Amazon’s Prime Now program. According to the company’s website, the Amazon delivery program


Be Wary of Those Calling for No-Fault “Reform”

Often, those no-fault “reforms” will do more harm than good for those who could benefit from no-fault the most: each and everyone one of us. While another week has gone by without any legislative action on Michigan no-fault reform, specifically SB 248, a version of which is now stalled on

Grand Rapids Auto Attorney Breaks Down SB 248

Tom Sinas, Grand Rapids attorney, gives an overview of what SB 248 provides – and how it hurts Michigan consumers (but not insurance companies) Once again, auto no-fault “reform” is on our minds, ever since the Michigan Senate passed SB 248 in whirlwind fashion late last week. The bill is now