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Bike Accidents and Auto No-Fault Reform: A Dangerous Combination

Grand Rapids bicycle fatalities are the highest in Michigan. How does no-fault reform factor in? A series of seemingly unrelated events are combining to form a great danger to Michigan bicyclists, especially those in West Michigan. In April, the Grand Rapids Business Journal reported that Grand Rapids bicycle fatalities were

Proposed HB 4612 (H-3) Limits the Rights of Michigan Motorcyclists

HB 4612 (H-3) would limit the benefits received by motorcyclists under Michigan no-fault law As we have previously posted on this blog, political leaders in Lansing have introduced legislation that seeks to significantly overhaul Michigan’s auto no-fault system. This legislation will have dramatic impacts on the rights of Michigan motorists

Summary Analysis of Substitute HB 4612 (H-3)

SUMMARY ANALYSIS OF HB 4612 (H-3) By:  George T. Sinas CPAN General Counsel Sinas Dramis Law Firm March 7, 2014 On Thursday, February 20, 2014, HB 4612 (H-3) was offered as a substitute to H-1, which has been stalled on the floor of the Michigan House for almost one year. 

The New Auto No-Fault Reform Bill (HB 4612)

The New Auto No-Fault Reform Bill (HB 4612) Significantly Limits the Rights and Benefits of Catastrophically Injured Michigan Auto Accident Victims By: George T. Sinas On April 23, 2013, the new Auto No-Fault Reform Bill HB 4612 was introduced in the Michigan House of Representatives. The Bill imposes unprecedented dollar cap