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Michigan Semi-Truck Accident Attorney


When Bad Drivers Cause Semi-Truck Collisions

Semi-Truck Accident Cases and the “Negligent Entrustment” Doctrine The New York Times published a powerful op-ed piece about death caused by semi-truck accidents. The piece titled, “The Trucks are Killing Us,” described the increase in semi-truck collisions in recent years. According to the article, “The death toll in truck-involved crashes


Does a Smart Truck Equal a Safe Truck?

Does the emphasis placed on making semi-trucks connected and more technologically advanced lose focus on the importance of making trucks and truck driving safe for motorists? Fleet Owner recently published an article titled “Path to autonomous trucks will be a smooth road for drivers” – it was an interesting read.


Self-Driving Trucks: The Future of the Trucking Industry?

Will we see driverless semi-trucks in Michigan? Driverless semi-trucks in Michigan – as truck accident attorneys, the thought sounds both scary and intriguing. Between the ice and snow, our winters are known to bring and the number of aggressive drivers we are known to have, some might say it’s a

Increasing the Speed Limit for Large Trucks – Smart Move?

Proposed Michigan SB 896 would raise the speed limit for larger trucks and buses to 70 miles per hour on Michigan highways As part of a package of bills seeking to change the speed limits on Michigan roads, SB 896 was introduced late last month. Among other things, Michigan SB 896