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Michigan No-Fault Law Literature

Please click on the brochures below to view in pdf format.  Moreover, if you would like hardcopies of any of our brochures or informational materials, we are more than happy to send copies to you free of charge.  To order these hardcopies, please visit the Auto No-Fault Law Brochures – Request Form.

No New-Fault Law Legislation

Navigating the Chaos: The New No-Fault Legislation

In 2019, the Michigan Legislature passed vast and sweeping changes to the Michigan No-Fault Insurance Law and  the Michigan Insurance Code. This legislation fundamentally changes how the Michigan no-fault insurance system operates. Moreover, the number of people who will be covered with no-fault personal injury protection insurance (PIP) benefits will be significantly reduced and PIP claims will be subject to monetary caps. This outline summarizes the content of this extensive and complex legislation.


The Michigan Auto No-Fault Law: Your Rights & Benefits (8th ed.)

For over 20 Years, our law firm has printed and made available to the Michigan medical community complimentary copies of this booklet. The specific purpose of this booklet is to empower patients and providers with useful knowledge regarding the extensive rights and benefits available under the No-Fault law so that those rights and benefits are protected during dealings with insurance companies.

motorcycle no fault brochure

Motorcyclists and the Michigan No-Fault Law (2nd ed.)

This booklet highlights important details of the Michigan No-Fault law that every motorcyclist should know and explains how to make sure you receive No-Fault benefits if you are in a motorcycle accident. Under the Michigan No-Fault law, a motorcycle is not considered a motor vehicle; therefore, if you are injured in a motorcycle accident, your right to receive no-fault insurance benefits may be greatly affected, depending on your motorcycle insurance policy. Request a copy to learn more about your rights as a motorcyclist!

Motorcycle Helmet Law Brochure

The New Motorcycle Helmet Law: Know the Rules

Michigan law now allows motorcyclists to ride without a helmet, if they are over the age of 21, obtain a motorcycle endorsement from the state, and purchase certain insurance coverage. However, there are a number of complex legal issues which govern a Michigan motorcyclist’s ability to obtain insurance benefits. This short pamphlet will help you to understand your rights and responsibilities under Michigan’s new motorcycle helmet law.

Buyers Guide Auto No Fault Insurance Coverage Brochure

A Buyer’s Guide To Auto No-Fault Insurance Coverages
(1st ed.)

This booklet is very important to anyone purchasing auto insurance in Michigan. It explains the ins and outs of purchasing auto insurance in Michigan, including: (1) what to do when you already have health insurance; (2) how to best protect you and your family from the growing number of uninsured and under-insured drivers; and (3) how to protect yourself from becoming personally liable for amounts not covered by the basic minimum insurance policy required by law.

Auto No Fault Affordable Care Act

The Intersection of the Affordable Care Act and the Michigan No-Fault Automobile Insurance Act

Written by attorney Stephen H. Sinas, this comprehensive paper provides an overview of the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”), the Michigan No-Fault Law, and how they intersect. This paper will clear up a number of misconceptions about the services that are provided under the No-Fault Act and whether and to what extent they are available under the Affordable Care Act, as well as explain how Obamacare may impact the Michigan auto insurance system.