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Required Motorcycle Insurance Coverage

Motorcycle Insurance Requirements in Michigan

Michigan’s Auto No-Fault Law does not include motorcycles within its definition of what constitutes a “Motor Vehicle.”  Therefore, Michigan motorcyclists are not required to purchase no-fault auto insurance for their motorcycles.

However, Section 3103(1) of the Michigan Insurance Code makes clear that all motorcyclists must still purchase liability insurance for their motorcycles.  Sometimes referred to as “PLPD coverage,” this required insurance provides liability coverage to the motorcyclist if the motorcyclist is at fault and causes bodily injury, death, or property damage to another person.

A failure to purchase this required coverage may impose serious penalties on the motorcyclist, including a misdemeanor criminal conviction, fines, and/or imprisonment.  More importantly, a failure to purchase this insurance will disqualify the motorcycle owner from receiving no-fault PIP insurance benefits that may be available under the Michigan No-Fault Law.  MCL 500.3113(b).

In this video, Grand Rapids personal injury lawyer Tom Sinas talks about the requirements for riding a motorcycle in Michigan and the insurance coverage that’s required.

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