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Motorcyclist’s Entitlement to PIP Benefits

Have You Been Injured in a Motorcycle Accident?

The Injured Motorcyclist’s Entitlement to PIP Benefits

Although motorcyclists are not subject to the Michigan no-fault laws and are not required to purchase a no-fault policy, they may be entitled to no-fault benefits if their injury is caused by the operation or use of a “motor vehicle.”  MCL 500.3105(1).Typically, this occurs when a motorcycle and a motor vehicle collide, although contact is not a requirement. As long as the motor vehicle was a significant factor in causing the motorcyclist’s injuries, benefits are typically collectible.

You should understand, however, that these benefits are being provided to the motorcyclist by the insurer of the motor vehicle that caused the injuries. If no motor vehicle is involved, as is the case when two motorcycles collide, or when the motorcyclist loses control of his own motorcycle, the motorcyclist will not be entitled to no-fault benefits, unless the motorcyclist purchased special motorcycle no-fault PIP insurance, which unfortunately, is very rare.

Types of Benefits Available to the Injured Motorcyclist

If the motorcyclist was injured in an accident involving a “motor vehicle,” the injured motorcyclist is treated the same as any other injured motorist under the Michigan No-Fault Law, and is entitled to the same rights and benefits.

Generally, these benefits include the following:

(a) unlimited lifetime coverage for allowable expenses, which the No-Fault statutes defines as all reasonable charges for reasonably necessary products, services and accommodations for the injured person’s care, recovery, or rehabilitation;

(b) wage loss benefits for a three (3) year period calculated at 85% of gross income, but not to exceed the applicable monthly cap; and

(c) replacement service expenses for a three (3) year period not to exceed $20 a day to reimburse the injured person for reasonably necessary domestic services that others were required to perform for the injured person, or his or her dependents.

MCL 500.3107

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