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Semi-Truck Accident Benefits

Semi-Truck Accident Benefits

Michigan motorists are entitled to the same rights and benefits when they are injured by a semi-truck as they would be if injured by another passenger vehicle.  Namely, injured motorists are entitled to collect personal insurance protection (PIP) benefits, which provide certain coverage to injured motorists regardless of who was at fault in the accident. MCL 500.3107. In most cases, these benefits will be provided by the injured individual’s own automobile insurer, and the amount and extent of the available benefits will be governed by the no-fault statute.

Specifically, these rights include unlimited lifetime coverage for allowable expenses, which the statute defines as all reasonable charges for reasonably necessary products, services, and accommodations for the injured person’s care, recovery, or rehabilitation. Additionally, the injured individual is entitled to the value of his or her lost wages for up to a three year period from the date of injury, which is determined by calculating 85% of the person’s gross income, subject to a monthly statutory cap.

Finally, the injured motorist may collect replacement service expenses for a three year period, subject to a daily monetary cap, which reimburse the injured individual for reasonably necessary domestic services that others were required to perform for the injured person or his or her dependents.

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