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Case Managers and Michigan No-Fault Law

Michigan Case Managers & No-Fault Law

The Patient Has the Power to Hire & Fire

Even though there is no legal authority under the Michigan no-fault law regarding the use of case managers, some no-fault insurance companies are leading patients to believe that they must cooperate with a case manager selected by the insurance company or run the risk of jeopardizing their claim for PIP benefits. Insurers who create this impression are misleading patients regarding their rights and obligations under the Michigan no-fault law.  
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Analogy to Workers’ Compensation Law

Although there are no Michigan appellate court cases that specifically address the use of case managers in the context of no-fault automobile insurance claims, there is an important decision from the Michigan Court of Appeals regarding the selection and use of case managers in connection with workers’ compensation claims.
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Ethical Considerations for Case Managers

Increasing attention is being paid to the ethical issues of case management. Case managers hired by insurance companies have important obligations to patients that should transcend loyalty to the insurance company that hired the case manager.
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