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Statutory Index


Table of Contents

§500.3101 Security for Payment of Benefits; Definitions
§500.3101a Certificates of Insurance
§500.3101b Proof of Insurance
§500.3101c Standard Insurance Statements
§500.3102 Nonresident Owner and Registrant Insurance Requirements
§500.3103 Motorcycle Security Requirements; First Party Benefits
§500.3104 Catastrophic Claims Association
§500.3105 Personal Protection Insurance (PIP) Benefits Entitlement
§500.3106 Parked Motor Vehicles; Workers Comp Exclusion
§500.3107 PIP Benefits Defined; Waiver of Work Loss Benefits
§500.3107a Wage Loss for The Temporarily Unemployed
§500.3107b Non-Reimbursability of Certain Expenses
§500.3108 Survivor’s Loss Benefits
§500.3109 Governmental Benefits Subtraction; PIP Deductibles
§500.3109a Coordinated Coverages
§500.3110 Dependents of Deceased Persons
§500.3111 Out of State Accidents
§500.3112 Payees of PIP Benefits
§500.3113 Disqualification From PIP Benefit Entitlement
§500.3114 Priority Rules for Payment of PIP Benefits
§500.3115 Non-Occupant Priority
§500.3116 PIP Insurer Tort Liens
§500.3121 Property Protection Insurance (PPI) Benefits
§500.3123 Exclusions Applicable to PPI Benefits
§500.3125 Priority Rules for Payment of PPI Benefits
§500.3127 Loss Distribution Among PPI Insurers
§500.3131 Residual Liability Insurance
§500.3135 Tort Liability for Noneconomic and Economic Loss
§500.3141 Notice of Accident Provisions
§500.3142 Reasonable Proof and Time for Payment Rules; Penalty Interest on Overdue Benefits
§500.3143 Future Benefit Assignments
§500.3145 Notice of Injury and Time Limitations for Enforcement of Claim
§500.3146 Time Limitations Applicable to PIP Tort Liens
§500.3148 Penalty Attorney Fees
§500.3151 PIP Insurer Examinations for Physical and Mental Conditions
§500.3152 Insurer Examination Reports; Waiver of Privileges
§500.3153 Court Orders for Refusal to Submit to Insurer Examinations
§500.3157 Reasonable and Customary Provider Charges
§500.3158 Obligations to Provide Earnings Verification and Medical Records
§500.3159 Discovery
§500.3163 Nonresidents Injured in Michigan; Certification of Covered Status
§500.3171 Assigned Claims Facility Establishment
§500.3172 Assigned Claims Facility Processing Procedures
§500.3173 Assigned Claims Facility Disqualification
§500.3173a Assigned Claims Facility Determination of Eligibility
§500.3174 Assigned Claims Facility Notice and Assignment of Claim
§500.3175 Assigned Claims Facility Operational Rules
§500.3176 Assigned Claims Facility Costs
§500.3177 Recoupment of PIP Benefits From Uninsured Vehicle Owners and Registrants
§500.3179 Date of Act Applicability



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