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  1. Allowable Expenses for Products and Medical Equipment [§3107(1)(a)]
  2. Allowable Expenses for Attendant Care [§3107(1)(a)]
  3. Allowable Expenses for Handicapper Motor Vehicles [§3107(1)(a)]
  4. Allowable Expenses for Medical Treatment [§3107(1)(a)]
  5. Allowable Expenses for Conservatorships and Guardianships [§3107(1)(a)]
  6. Allowable Expenses for Home Accommodations [§3107(1)(a)]
  7. Allowable Expenses for Room and Board [§3107(1)(a)]
  8. Allowable Expenses for Rehabilitation [§3107(1)(a)]
  9. Allowable Expenses for Experimental Treatment [§3107(1)(a)]
  10. Allowable Expenses for Medical Transportation Mileage [§3107(1)(a)]
  11. Allowable Expenses for Funeral and Burial Expenses [§3107(1)(a)]
  12. Allowable Expenses: Reasonable Necessity Requirement [§3107(1)(a)]
  13. Allowable Expenses: Reasonable Charge Requirement [§3107(1)(a)]
  14. Allowable Expenses: Incurred Expense Requirement [§3107(1)(a)]
  15. Allowable Expenses: Causation Requirement [§3107(1)(a)]
  16. Allowable Expenses: Claims by Service Providers [§3107(1)(a)]
  17. Work Loss Benefits: Nature of the Benefit [§3107(1)(b)]
  18. Work Loss Benefits: Calculation of Benefits [§3107(1)(b)]
  19. Work Loss Benefits:  Relevance of Wage Continuation Benefits [§3107(1)(b)]
  20. Work Loss Benefits:  Relevance of Sick and Vacation Pay [§3107(1)(b)]
  21. Work Loss Benefits: Mitigation Requirement [§3107(1)(b)]
  22. Work Loss Benefits: Loss of Earning Capacity [§3107(1)(b)]
  23. Work Loss Benefits: Self-Employed Persons [§3107(1)(b)]
  24. Replacement Service Expense Benefits: Nature of the Benefit [§3107(1)(c)]
  25. Replacement Service Expense Benefits: The Incurred Requirement [§3107(1)(c)]
  26. Work Loss Benefits Waiver for Senior Citizens [§3107(2)]
  27. General / Miscellaneous


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