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Freeman v State Farm Mut Auto Ins Co; (COA-PUB, 4/22/1987; RB #1040)


Michigan Court of Appeals; Docket No. 91480; Published  
Judges Danhof, Shepherd, and Porter; Unanimous  
Official Michigan Reporter Citation:  159 Mich App 699; Link to Opinion alt    

Compulsory Insurance Requirements for Owners or Registrants of Motor Vehicles Required to Be Registered [§3101(1)]  
Definition of Motor Vehicle (Snowmobiles) [§3101(2)(e)]

Casualty Insurance Policies – Minimum Coverages and Required Provisions (MCL 500.3009)    

In this unanimous Opinion by Judge Shepherd, the Court of Appeals held that a snowmobile was not a motor vehicle and therefore tort liability arising from the operation of a snowmobile is not covered under an automobile liability insurance policy issued pursuant to the Michigan No-Fault Act. Moreover, liability coverage for tortious operation of a motor vehicle is not mandated by MCLA 500.3009. If tort liability coverage for snowmobile operation is to be mandated, this must be accomplished by the Legislature, not the courts.

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