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Citizens Mutual Insurance Company v Community Services Insurance; (COA-PUB, 11/24/1975; RB #80)


Michigan Court of Appeals; Docket No. 23646; Published   
Judges Quinn, R. B. Burns, and Holbrook; Unanimous   
Official Michigan Reporter Citation: 65 Mich App 731; Link to Opinion alt   

Resident Relatives [§3114(1)]
Separated and Divorced Spouses [§3114(1)]

Legislative Purpose and Intent   

The Court of Appeals held that under §3114(1) personal protection insurance benefits under a Michigan no-fault insurance policy extend to an estranged wife of a named insured not domiciled in his household. In so holding, the Court stated "There is reason for limiting insurance benefits to any relative of the insured or his spouse to those relatives domiciled in the insured's household. It creates a definite limit to the exposure of the insurer, an essential factor in determining the insurance premium."

[Author's Comment: This decision was mistakenly omitted from this book and is included now for completeness.]

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