1. Requirement That Benefits Were Overdue [§3148(1)]
      2. Requirement That Benefits Were Unreasonably Delayed or Denied [§3148(1)]
      3. Presumption of Unreasonableness
      4. Conduct Establishing Unreasonable Delay or Denial
      5. Bona Fide Factual Uncertainty / Statutory Construction Defense
      6. Calculating Attorney Fees Based on Contingent Fee
      7. Calculating Attorney Fees Not Based on Contingent Fee
      8. Penalty Interest on Penalty Attorney Fees
      9. Penalty Attorney Fees for Service Providers
      10. Penalty Attorney Fees and Other Court Rule Sanctions
      11. Penalty Attorney Fees on Appeal
      12. Penalty Attorney Fees Between Insurers
      13. Insurer’s Right to Penalty Attorney Fees for Fraudulent / Excessive Claims [§3148(2)]
      14. General / Miscellaneous

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